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VCN, Vacher Commande Numérique, bar turning technical at Sigoules in Dordogne (France – 24), welcomes you on its website.

Specializing in precision engineering environments for the aerospace, medical equipment, and connectivity to the dental field, we also realize your drilling, whirling, micro mechanical machining …
Our skills also extend to processes, micro-mechanics, measurement and high technology.

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The medical sector requires comprehensive tailor-made solutions. To this end, our competent and experienced teams work every day to improve product ranges. Technical constraints, precision and aesthetics are our daily concerns since 2013.

The field of activity such as Defense requires a very high precision, involving investments of the latest generation (machine tools, control machines, etc ….) and an uncompromising respect for specifications. For more than 10 years, by knowing these requirements and its involvement, the whole team at VCN Industries is keen to honor.

Our company specialized in small size machining, small and medium series (100 pcs to 250000 pcs/year) has been able to meet the requests for which the difficulties are generally related to the implementation of the materials (treated or exotic material, dimensional state etc. …). The energy and the involvement of the team put at the service of aeronautics allow us today the mastery of technical know-how of high level.

The criteria of aspects are very important in the field of luxury and in particular jewelery; the quality of the pieces and their regularity go above all else. Our manufacturing processes and our regular inspections allow us to offer “no flawless” parts.

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You need a meeting place? We put at your disposal our room.

Scalable capacity as needed – Room equipped with WIFI and video conferencing equipment.

News (French only)

Team Bella Ciao – Octobre 2019

Simplicité et détermination : un engagement sans faille. Professionnelle dans sa discipline qu’est le triathlon, la Team Bella Ciao excelle en enchainant les victoires ! VCN Industries suit de près cette équipe et offre son soutien afin de faire émerger cette team qui a tout à gagner ! Depuis de nombreuses années, notre entreprise continue […]

Team Dordogne Sud – Octobre 2019

Partenariat et solidarité : VCN Industries au cœur du sport. VCN Industries est une entreprise impliquée depuis toujours dans une démarche d’accompagnement, que ce soit avec ses clients, ses collaborateurs et mêmes les associations sportives. C’est pourquoi, nous soutenons la Team Dordogne Sud afin de valoriser la jeunesse à travers le sport et notamment le […]

Inauguration – Juillet 2019

VCN Industries : une inauguration hors normes ! L’inauguration de notre batiment a été sans conteste, un événement réussi ! Cette journée a été riche en échanges et en apprentissages divers et variés. En l’occurrence, elle a commencé par une visite de nos locaux pour l’ensemble de nos invités se déroulant de l’accueil, en passant […]

VCN Industries - Z.A.E Du Roc de la Peyre 24240 SIGOULES – FRANCE